Guajira I

Deserts in the northern part of south america, full of life and dreams. I’ll never forget the Wayuu people there.





Santiago de Cuba I

So many stories among the people, among the streets. The word “time” means so much more here.

Classic urban landscape, Santiago de Cuba, Cuba (2015)

Breathing lime, Santiago de Cuba, Cuba (2015)

Her shadow in the opposite direction, Santiago de Cuba, Cuba (2015)

Essaouira I

One of the most beautiful mornings in my life…

Sleeping boats at the docks, Essaouira, Morocco (2014)

Early in the morning, Essaouira, Morocco (2014)

The sand or the mirror, Essaouira, Morocco (2014)

Medellín I

One of the most innovative cities over the world. Great people, amazing weather!

Ciudad Del Río Park I, Medellín, Colombia (2015)

Ciudad Del Río Park II, Medellín, Colombia (2015)

Budapest I

Rainy day in this beautiful city.

Danube I, Budapest, Hungary (2014)

Parliament Building I, Budapest, Hungary (2014)

Lake Atitlán III

Wonderful colors around the lake!




Mexico DF I

Looking up in this amazing city.

Buildings I, Mexico (2014)

Buildings II, Mexico (2014)

Buildings III, Mexico (2014)