Lake Atitlán III

Wonderful colors around the lake!




Mexico DF I

Looking up in this amazing city.

Buildings I, Mexico (2014)

Buildings II, Mexico (2014)

Buildings III, Mexico (2014)

Teotihuacan (Mexico)

The place where men become gods.

Teotihuacan III, Mexico (2015)

Teotihuacan II, Mexico (2015)

Teotihuacan IV, Mexico (2015)

Teotihuacan I, Mexico (2015)

Casablanca I

Three faces of the same wonder.

Hassan II Mosque 1, Casablanca, Morocco (2014)

Hassan II Mosque 3, Casablanca, Morocco (2014)

Hassan II Mosque 3, Casablanca, Morocco (2014)

Paris I

Urban landscapes in “la ville lumière”.

The city from the Triumph Arc, Paris, France (2014)

The city from Notredame, Paris, France (2014)

Seville I

Royal Alcazar of Seville, mudéjar architecture and water mirror.

Royal Alcazars I, Sevilla, Spain (2014)

Royal Alcazars II, Sevilla, Spain (2014)

Baths of Lady María de Padilla, Sevilla, Spain (2014)

Rome II

Summer walk along the banks of the Tiber river.

Rome - Tiber I

Merzouga I

Entrance to the desert.

Sin título

Santiago De Atitlán I

Lovely and colorful town on the lake. We met some interesting people there and they said this town is the only place in Guatemala where the men still using its typical clothes.





Lake Atitlán II

Local people told me the lake rises up to 5 meters every 50 years, and then the water goes down very slowly. They told me this is its way to breathe. I like to believe this is true.